Friday, August 29, 2008

Online PA Workshop - Overcoming Parental Alienation - What Works, What Doesn’t and Why

 thought I would pass on notice of this upcoming Online Workshop on 
"How to deal with PA" by noted PA authority Dr. J. Micheal BONE at 

It looks like a useful seminar and is quite reasonable at $45 for 3x3h 
online sessions. 

Here is the "blurb": 

            - Your children refuse to see you. They hang up on you 
when you call them on the phone. If your children do 
              talk  to you, their profanity-laced tirades shock and 
destroy you. In these cases do you want to: 

             - Attend a Court-ordered therapy program with your 
children that most likely will make your bad 
               situation  worse? 

              - Engage a therapist who believes that you are an 
abusive, controlling and dangerous parent – before 
                 you even walk through the office door? 

               - Have a therapist report to the Court that your 
relationship with your children has always been damaged? 

               - Work with a therapist who believes you have never 
been involved in your children’s lives – before 
                 ever talking to you? 

               - Work with a therapist who reports biased perceptions 
to the Court as objective fact? 

                - If you want nothing more than normal relationships 
with your children, you don’t want any part of 
                  these scenarios. Yet sadly, many loving parents find 
themselves in these situations. 

                 - If you’re one of these parents, this course could 
be of significant help to you and your attorney. 

Regards, crj

[transcribed from original Google Groups website on May 26, 2014]

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