Monday, August 18, 2008

Father 4 Justice CANADA - Cross Canada Crusade to support MP Maurice Vellacott's Private Member Motion (PMM-483) for Equal Parenting after Divorce


You are all invited to this Edmonton Rally at Noon, Thursday Aug 21 at Sir Winston Churchill Square (in front of Edmonton City Hall - Downtown)

Dynamic Duo will be making an appearance!    This kind of ACTION is what many "Targeted Parents" have suggested to me in the past.

This Cross-Canada Crusade is to support MP Maurice Vellaott's Personal Members Motion (PMM-483) to enshrine the principal of "Equal Parenting" in the Federal Divorce Act.   A strong and visible SHOW OF SUPPORT WOULD MAKE GOOD PRESS AND PERHAPS GET POLITICIANS TO NOTICE?

I realize that it many not be everyone's "cup of tea" but in the spirit of MORE INFO IS BETTER THAN LESS, I am broadcasting to all.

Regards, crj

p.s detailed Press Release has other Cities/Towns TENTATIVE schedule

[transcribed from original Google Groups website on May 26, 2014]

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