Thursday, May 20, 2010

I, Psychopath

I came across the YouTube Series about Psychopathic personalities and was intrigued because it was broadcast on CBC, but appears to have been an ABC (Australian) production. Of course, the common threads is that many severe PA behaviours are perpetrated by people who appear to exhibit some aspects of Narcissistic Personality or Borderline Personality Disorders (N/BPD). Dr. Amy Baker has made that connection clear.

This video just demonstrates the interactions between a fully aware director and a very high-level functioning psychopath - who ultimately admits he bullies people on a regular basis and has a creepy understanding of how to do so effectively. He also explains that his degree is not as rigorously obtained as many expect - but then you really don't know what to believe from this fellow, which is why he is a diagnosed psychopath.

This led me to a womens blog who claims to have saved her marriage by getting her husband treatment for is NPD. I am wary of such sites, but must admit that only psychopaths seem to never admit they can be wrong. Anyways, there are different ways to skin a cat.

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