Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tough Love from Texas


Tough love from Texas

February 9, 2010Susan Pigg - LIVING REPORTER

When Richard Warshak whisked into Toronto last week from his native Texas, he brought along some tough-love advice for both divorcing parents and family court judges.

"Love your kids more than you hate your ex-spouse," the renowned expert on parental alienation said.

Be firm and fast at pushing toxic custody cases through the clogged courts, he advised judges attending a day-long seminar at the Four Seasons Hotel.

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  • Runs a PAS deprogramming service called "Family Bridges".
  • Of the 23 kids he's personally helped reconnect with an alienated parent since 2005, 18 still maintain a relationship with both parents. Eight of those 23 children came from Canada.
  • This spring he's coming out with a new, self-help DVD (Welcome Back Pluto, which he hopes to sell on his website for $19.95 U.S.) for parents struggling to reconnect with kids who've been poisoned against them.
  • Warshak has been training two Ontario psychologists to run the program in Canada and says a third is due to join him soon.
  • "We find that most children under the age of 8 don't really need this kind of program to make the transition."

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