Saturday, April 25, 2009

Edmonton PAAD a SUCESS!

After our 11th hour reprieve, the Edmonton 2009 PAAD (Parental Alienation Awareness DAY) went off without a hitch (almost). The venue was the indoors Old Strathcona Farmers Market so we did not have to experience the wintry weather and - of course - the market did a booming business as it normally does on a Saturday.

Public "uptake" was also good - certainly more effective than last year - due to the large number of families, inquisitive visitors and a "browsing-friendly" atmosphere, sheltered from the harsh elements. Everyone reported a handful of deep, well-informed conversations. Many encouraged and were supportive of our efforts to form a local provincial organization to provide further information and network about PA and PAS issues.

We handed out many brochures and we even sold a few workbooks for middle school children written by Dr. Amy BAKER entitled "I don't want to choose", which is a useful tool to help them deal with some of the issues faced in PA.

A huge thanks to Jerry, Cathy, Jim and Lisa (for trying to make it) - but especially to Chris T who was so generous with his time and financial support.

Keep in touch so we can get ready for next year!

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