Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wed Oct 19@7pm EST - Live Interview of David GOLDMAN

In 2004, David GOLDMAN's wife told him she felt it was important for her to take their young son to Brazil so he could spend time with her family and friends and gain better appreciation of his shared heritage of Brazil and America.  Of course, David agreed - never thinking that it could be the last time he would hold his son in his arms for 4 years.  Thus began the journey into Parental Alienation of David GOLDMAN.

This case became an international "cause celebre" as David took his fight to the highest courts in 3 continents, eventually winning in 2008 the first Parental Abduction case under the International Convention of The Hague and regaining custody of his son.

It also created an tremendous uproar in the "Family Friendly" country of Brazil where his wife was shielded by local laws, customs and attitudes.  But in August 2010, the Brazilian Government  an amazing "about face" declared the first law to recognize and outlaw Parental Alienation.

"Family Matters" is co-hosted by Jill EGIZII - President of PAAO 
and Judge Michele LOWRANCE - a standing Family Court Judge in Chicago, IL and specializes in many of the issues surrounding Parental Alienation.

 Wed Nov 16 at 7pm EST (5pm MST)

"Bill HUDSON - Parental Alienation: Hollywood Style"

Remember what it was like before "second hand smoke" became socially unacceptable?    Whether it was in Hollywood, Vegas or Small-Town America - Parental Alienation was completely unknown decades ago when Bill HUDSON first experienced it.    Hear Bill's side of this riveting story that Hollywood insiders did not want to get in the middle of and how his circle of friends and acquaintances chose to support the more "marketable" of the spouses. 
It can happen to anyone.

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