Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PAAO 2011 Online AGM - Recap

The PAAO AGM was held online on Sunday Sept 18 at 3pm MST and almost 40 people attended via browser and an unknown number via the Conference Line (we are not quite sure how many called in - but there were alot - we estimated perhaps as many again.)  190 voted.

Jill Egizii and Barbra Mills were re-elected and out of a very competitive list of new candidates we welcomed new Board-members Wendy Archer and Pat Burton from Fort Worth/Dallas area, Texas; Daniel Holmes from near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Kristin Titus from near Toronto, Ontario.  Rather unfortunate that everyone could not make it - but it speaks to the level of interest that we had so many quality candidates.  I want to thank those who threw their "hats in the ring".

Jill gave a brief address about plans for the year ahead and then threw open the "floor" to questions.  And were there ever alot! (The Wordle image above was generated from many of the online comments.)

I want to thank everyone who attended what turned out to be a very promising AGM - and we look forward to the next year ahead.

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