Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Matters - interview on "Good Karma Divorce"

Judge Lowrance was a child survivor of PAS - but also was a Family Lawyer and is now a Family Court Judge. She has written "The Good Karma Divorce" to help families of Divorce deal effectively with their issues. One her main points is that the courts are not equipped to fix problems as well as the parties involved.   But she finds many families who arrive at her court expect a better solution than they might find because they can no longer effectively communicate.  This can not happen and Lowrance makes the comparison between someone carefully sutures a wound and someone who repairs it with amputation.  The court is the amputation!  Lowrance suggests that each party in divorce carefully consider this before they engadge in court solutions and compose their own "Divorce Manifesto" in which they attempt to clearly describe how they visualize the outcome of their Divorce.  Among her points are 5 rules that she suggests must be accepted to avoid personal pain, disappointment and perpetual discord: 1) Things will change, 2) Relationships always end, 3) Life is not fair, 4) You will be betrayed by someone and 5) Life will not go according to your plan.  I recommend this book.

For more interview buy Jill Egizii on her weekly TV show "Family Matters" go here. In addition she hosts a weekly internet radio program - also available at the same site.

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