Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should parental alienation be a mental disorder?

Highlighting the upcoming CPAS Conference in Montreal, this article in the Globe&Mail asks the question we all want answered - Should parental alienation be a mental disorder?  Please comment on the article with experiences.

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Jordan said...

Yes, it should be declared a mental disorder to be assesed by a mental health professional and provided to all authorities, thus helping the alienated parent be apart of a childs life.
After undergoing a barrage of criminal investigations to prevent me from being apart of my Sons life. I am defenseless against the ex-partys perception and therefore out of fear of being charged again. I have ceased and disissted of having a relationship with my son who I may never know until he comes looking for me. Help stop this abuse. These kind of people are deranged and their hate has to stop somewhere!
For Jordan, Love Dad