Saturday, March 27, 2010

PAS Case File - Saskatchewan 2008

Sent by a member, this is a PAS influenced decision from Saskatchewan - case rendered in 2008. I recommend it to all as an example of court life - including what I would call an encouraging thread of acknowledgement that PAS exists. Of course the landmark PAS decision - Tremblay vs Tremblay rendered by (now retired Judge) M. Trussler of Edmonton was also mentioned.

What I found it abit disappointing that the Child Assessment study referred to a 1998 MSW article by Rhonda Freeman from The Canadian Journal of Family Law! Surely they have improved on child-parent assessment techniques since then! As least they also mentioned Douglas Darnell's 1998 reference text "Divorce Casualties, Protecting Your Children From Parental Alienation".

If any one else wants to share Case files, send in.

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