Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CTV W5 airs segment on PAS - Sat Nov 7@7pm + Sun Nov 8@12 noon


I have just heard from Rhonda that CTV W5 will broadcast segment on PAS entitled "Poisoned Minds: Children On The Frontlines Of Divorce" this Sat Nov 7, 2009 at 7pm (local). Typically it is re-broadcast the next day (Sunday) at noon as well. In case you miss BOTH of those - it should be up online at http://www.ctv.ca/w5/ - afterwards.

Rhonda is a member of PAAO in Central Alberta, having been affected by it her whole life. I encourage everyone to watch this program. I will attempt to post link or YouTube video here afterwards.

Regards, crj


Anonymous said...

rhonda, I am a grandmother of a wonderful 6 year old granddaughter. Her father and I were her whole life, her mother was just another child my son took care of. She was never a mother to her child and her family were never involved either. Last dec 17/08 her nightmare began, her maternal grandmother seized her during an argument, my son left the marital home and by dec 25 my granddaughter was calling her mom's new boyfriend her new daddy and telling me she was having nightmares at the same time. She was taken to the police dept to say her daddy hit her, my son was arrested on Jan 2/09 for domestic assault, sexual abuse charges were then raised. My son was aquitted of all domestic abuse charges and the police stated that my granddaughter told them her mom told her say the things she said. My happy, active grandaughter was seized by the CAS in May, just 5 months after the marriage breakdown. She was exhibiting alarming behaviors, she was having nightmares, wetting the bed, soiling herself, attacking other children, very quiet and clearly traumatized. Thanks to CAS interceding my grandaughter is beginning to heal and we have access to see her. However, because of the malicious accusations levelled at my son and the behaviors my granddaughter was exhibiting, my son and I are still fighting for custody, this time against CAS. Last year I had never heard of PAS. I would appreciate hearing from others, particularly about the behaviors children exhibit and how I can help to spread the word about this terrible syndrome and how damaging it is.

Rhonda Pisanello said...

I am so sorry for what has happened to you...you are not alone. The Alberta PAAO can help you with their knowlegde and experience, Chris ( the founder of the Alberta chapter) knows all too well of the damage PA can casue a child or you may e-mail me personally too at derrhon@xplornet.com
I am sorry I did see this earlier. I hope you are doing okay.
Thank you