Friday, July 17, 2009

Kilometers for Kids arrives Sept 2 in Edmonton

I have recently found out that Rodney STAFFORD - father of Tori STAFFORD who was abducted/murdered in April/May - will be undertaking a 3,200km Bike Tour from Woodstock ON (where they lived) to Edmonton AB (where his sister lives) in his daughter memory. He departs on August 2 and expects to arrive in Edmonton September 2. Once here he will travel with his family to Jasper and release a purple balloon for Tori who had enjoyed her trip to the mountain park last summer on a visit to her aunts, before her life was so cruelly taken.

Obviously Rodney STAFFORD, Tori, her brother and her mom Tara McDonald were like many separated families trying to deal with the aftermath of a breakup and in new relationships etc. and were trying to juggle all of the complex interactions. I recall reading that in the months before the end, Tori had written her dad a letter asking him to stay in her life as I suppose they must have had some difficulties. Very human and understandable.

I have been in touch with Mr. STAFFORD via email and am asking for everyone's help. It can be anything - cash donations, support vehicles, accommodation enroute (not clear right now, will be decided soon) riders to accompany the team throughout Alberta, Welcome Groups/PR or Promotion in various towns - anything, really. In addition we want to have a BIG WELCOME on his Arrival Sep 2 - TBA!

If you have something to contribute or and idea, let me know at or call 406-565-4594 and leave message so I can get back to you.

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